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How to Reach More Developers

An overview of the podcast, the book, and how you can reach more developers with authentic technical content.

What’s with the Spoon? An *Introduction*

An overview of the book's introduction, which answers questions like "What’s with the spoon?" and "What do you mean that dev marketing doesn’t exist?"

Is *Developer Experience* Really Marketing?

Developer Experience (DX) is the first chapter of "Developer Marketing Does Not Exist"... but is DX really marketing? Adam answers that and more questions about Develo...

Your Developer *Blog* Is The New York Times

When you think about developer content, blog posts may be top-of-mind. But do developers even care about company blog posts? More about how "Developer Marketing Does N...

In This *Tutorial* I Will…

In this episode, I will... answer four questions about tutorials based on my book, "Developer Marketing Does Not Exist."

*Guide* Devs to Build

Blog posts, tutorials, and now guides?! What's the difference—and why do guides attract more attention, links, and rankings?

Puzzillas from Mansilla (*Events*)

Are events even content? Maybe not. But you should go into an event with the same mindset as the rest of your content in order to attract devs.

*Open Source* as a Competitor

Open Source & Community -- What company doesn't run on open source? Open source as a "competitor." The developer currency is knowledge (and altruistic knowledge sharing).

Runscope Playbook: *Tools* as Marketing

How tools are different from your product and five rules for using tools as marketing.

Bypass Developer Ad Blockers with *Sponsorships*

Developers are well-known for installing ad blockers. They even seem to have their own ad blockers built internally into their brains to filter out promotions. So how ...

*Organization:* Roles Require Empathy

If developer marketing does not exist... why are you listening to an episode about developer marketing organization? The roles you need depend on where you fall on the...

Actionable Steps to Attract Developers

In this final episode, Adam explains why he hates writing headings such as "introduction" or "conclusion." Adam also highlights what to do next to attract developers.

Technical Content Strategy Decoded: Introduction

The entirety of the first chapter of Adam DuVander's new book, Technical Content Strategy Decoded.https://everydeveloper.com/books/technical-content-strategy-decoded/